Suddenly the Debtors Will Arise

His name was Habakkuk

His name was Habakkuk and around 620 B.C. he had a vision and spoke with God.

God told Habakkuk that a great awakening and worldwide debtors revolt would occur at an appointed time in the distant future. The enslaved debtors of the world would shake off their bondage to the political and financial overlords who rule this world.

It was foretold and it is coming soon.

The prophecy declares that when you first hear of it that you will not believe it, but that it will certainly come to pass. When it does occur, it will be a great blessing for all mankind. The vision is spoken of as a living thing that is running on a course to its fulfillment, ready to break out so that others may run along with it.

The Bible says that before God does anything He reveals his plan to His servants, the prophets. Do you think that the debt crisis has caught God unprepared? Do you think that He worries about it?

The Bible says that his name was Habakkuk and that he had a vision. God gave him a prophecy and God told him to write this prophecy on tablets and to make it plain and inscribed in big letters for all to see:

 Woe to the proud, who has taken what is not his, making himself rich with loans. Suddenly the debtors will awake as a man out of sleep, and they will bite him back in an instant. As he has ruined nations so the nations will ruin him.

There is much happening now. We can all feel it. This is a time of great trial and tribulation. And a great worldwide  debtors revolt is beginning to awaken.

Has it already begun?

What can we do?

How will it all end?