Run With Vision

forgotten prophecy

The Vision of Habakkuk, written around 620 B.C., reveals a prophecy of a sudden great awakening and worldwide debtors’ revolt at an appointed time in a far distant future. This GREAT AWAKENING of the debtors will result in the collapse of a secretive world-controlling system which has been plundering the wealth of the nations throughout history. The prophecy is not a message of fear. The Vision foresees a blessed time when mankind finally awakes and throws off tyranny.
write the vision
The Bible says that Habakkuk was told to write the prophecy plainly on tablets so that it would not be forgotten and clearly understood. The prophecy was addressed to a future generation. It has an appointed time to be fulfilled. It will certainly come to pass when the time is right. Here is the core of the prophetic message:

woe to the greedy proud

Habakkuk’s prophecy foresees great positive changes coming to the world financial system. Like most of the “Old Testament” prophets, Habakkuk is rarely taught in churches. Most professional clergy ignore or do not understand the prophecy. In fact, a part of the prophecy refers to this unbelief of religious leadership. Speaking to the prophet, God said, “I am going to show you something you will not believe.”
difficult to understand

“Unbelievable. Yet it will surely happen” – God

The prophecy of Habakkuk directly addresses fraudulent finance, which it declares is about to fall. The greedy have been multiplying loans, piling up debtors, increasing what does not belong to them. The have created and loaned out fiat money, backed by nothing. Does loaning out counterfeit money that costs them nothing, give a small group of oligarchical bankers the right to foreclose on entire nations? The Bible says “NO”! Debts that can’t be paid won’t be paid. The nations will rise up and take back what rightfully belongs to them.
greed - what does not belong to you
The Bible says that it is the will of the Creator for us to wake up and abandon the ways of tyranny. Just what were you thinking when you and others prayed, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven?” What were you expecting as an answer to this prayer? To keep living in a dream that never ceases to become an ever darkening nightmare of economic collapse, total war, abject poverty, pandemic disease and environmental catastrophe?
fear of financial collapse
The awakening of the debtors is prophesied and it will certainly come to pass. Better times are coming. Keep the faith. The Bible calls the coming better time a Jubilee: A celebration when debts are cancelled, slaves set free and this disinherited take back what they have lost: a true economic recovery.
run with the vision

Write down the revelation
and make it plain on tablets
so that whoever reads it may run with it.

Jeremiah, a prophet contemporary with Habakkuk, speaking of this same event, portrays the communicating of the vision as follows:

The news is passed from one runner to the next as the messengers hurry to tell the king that his city has been captured. (Jer. 51:31)

The goal of this website to make the vision transparent so that you may easily understand it and run with it, as the prophecy foresees.

Debtors and runners (heralds) are at the center of this prophecy, as they are the key action figures in the dramatic events prophesied to come to pass:

Suddenly the debtors will awake, as a man out of sleep…
Make the vision plain, that those who understand may run with it…

We invite you enter into the heart of this revelation, to be a courier, a communicator of the message, and thereby fulfill your role as one of the predicted runners who are awaiting to receive the message. Join in broadcasting this most important Biblical prophecy and to spreading the vision of Habakkuk around the globe, to see what divine purposes will accomplished with it.